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Jim Brickman

A Joyful Christmas

Christmas 2023


Experience the drama of the Christmas season in Jim Brickman style! The production design of the 2023 tour carries you from angelic heights and magical fantasy to intimate romance and classic Christmas fun! With special guest stars Anne Cochran, Chrissy Metz, Tracy Silverman, and John Trones.

Joanne Langione Dance Center

The HIp Hop Show

January 2023


Take a look at the highlights of this year's Hip Hop Show and Winter Concert at JLDC! With over 900 students JLDC gets to instruct and practice a variety of dance styles and techniques, which makes lighting a show of this size a special challenge!

Arma Virumque Cano

Virgil's Aeneid in Light, Sound, and Dance

Master's Thesis

Rose Bruford College


“Arma Virumque Cano…” begins nearly 10,000 lines of Virgil’s epic Latin poem The Aeneid. He plunges the reader into a dramatic tale of war and history, religion and moral philosophy, and national identity and personal exploration. Alongside the contemporary Choreography of India Smith, the Sound Design of Tom Smith, and in collaboration with fellow Lighting Designer Edgar Bermon, we explored these complex themes in a contemporary adaptation of the classic text.

Eleven Twenty Three

900th Anniversary Art Installation

St. Bartholomew the Great, London

April, 2023


On the 20th of April, 2023, Elena Unger and Heidi Pearce will bring together over twenty emerging and established contemporary artists to present an immersive, multi-sensorial art exhibition entitled Eleven Twenty Three at St Bartholomew the Great. This exhibition will be the first of its kind in this ancient, highly significant, and active Church on its momentous 900th birthday.
The exhibition comprises over twenty-five artistic interventions from a multitude of different disciplines and mediums, including sculpture, sound, painting, textiles, aromatic work, and more. The show will explore and reveal the unique configuration of space, sound, and liturgy in St Bartholomew’s and its effect on one’s perception of time and history.

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